GCI 2017/2018

githubHello readers, this is my first blog post ever so no point beating about the bush. This post will be all about my experience with google code-in 2017/2018. Firstly, more about myself. I am a 15 year-old student from Dunman High School in Singapore. I have done 3 Google Code-ins in total, now that this one is ending. I would like to summarize my experience with the 2017/2018 google code-in and point out some of the differences between this year’s and the previous one that I participated in. So, with this year’s Google Code-in, I have found that the tasks were increased in difficulty, and this could be either a good or a bad thing, depending on which perspective that it is being viewed from. It is a good thing for Google Code-in veterans who have participated in the competition before as they would have more experience, both in expertise and professionalism. Thus, they would have an advantage over even those who have experience in coding and programming and even more so than those who are new to programming. This would be a bad thing for beginners who are looking to join the coding community but do not know where to start or decided to start off with Google Code-in. In order to not crush their hopes and dreams of being a future programmer, we should specifically tailor more tasks for the absolute complete beginners.

Apart form these, I want to learn more about certain areas of open-source code such as artificial intelligence. An example of this would be FOSSASIA’s SUSI.AI (https://chat.susi.ai/overview), an open-source artificial intelligence whose code is always available for security reviews and can be improved by anyone with the knowledge and understanding online.

In conclusion, with this year’s Google Code-in, I have learnt a lot more about open-source software, as to be expected from the Google Code-in competition. The open-source organizations have very meaningful visions of the future of coding, one with every programmer involved, and I am proud to be a part of that future.




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